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From A Window

	  G                                                  Em 
Late yesterday night, I saw a light shine from a window, 
Am7               D7         G 
and as I looked again, your face came into sight. 
G                                              Em 
I couldn't walk on unil you'd gone from your window. 
Am7                D7      G                    Am7  G 
I had to make you mine, I knew you were the one. 
C                   D7                  G          Em                        
Oh, I would be so glad just to have a love like that, 
C                B7                  Em      A7    D7 
oh, I would be true and I'd live my life for you. 
G                                                         Em 
So meet me tonight, just where the light shines from a window, 
Am7                 D7             Eb              C        G 
and as I take your hand, say that you'll be mine tonight. 

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