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All Shook Up

	  Written by Otis Blackwell. This is The Beatles version. 

1. A well a bless my soul 

What's wrong with me? 

I'm itching like a man 

On a fuzzy tree. 

My friends say I'm actin' 

As queer as a bug 

I'm in love! 

I'm All Shook Up. 
          C         D          C 
Uh uh huh.   Mmm  Yeah, Yeah. 

2. My hands are shaky 
And my knees are weak 
I can't seem to stand 
On my own two feet 
Who do you thank 
When you have such luck? 
I'm in love! I'm All Shook Up. 
Uh uh huh. MM Yeah, yeah. 

   C                                          G 
Please don't ask what's on my mind 
   C                                          G 
I'm a little mixed up, but I'm feelin' fine 
   C                                          G 
When I'm near that girl that I love the best 
   C                              D 
My heart beats so it scares me to death 

3. She touched my hand 
What a chill I got 
Her kisses are like 
A volcano that's hot 
I'm proud to say 
That she's my buttercup 
I'm in love! I'm All Shook Up. 
Uh uh huh. Mmm  Yeah, yeah. 

My tongue gets tied when I try to speak 
My insides shake like a leaf on a tree 
There's only one cure for this soul of mine 
That's to have the girl that I love so fine 

(repeat 3rd verse) 

(I have submitted a rather simplified, everyman version of this classic 
Elvis, because I thought the collection needed a version. All 
corrections and suggestions welcomed at [email protected] or at the 
address below) 


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