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The Beat Farmers



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(Neil Young)

E                   A                             E 
Look out, Ma, there's a white boat comin' up the river 
       A                                            E 
With a big red beacon and a flag and a man on the rail 
I think you'd better call John 
                                           G#m          A 
'cause it don't look like they're here to deliver the mail 
          G#m7             A 
And it's less than a mile away 
 G#m7                     A 
I hope they didn't come to stay 
         G#m                     A 
It's got numbers on the side and a gun 
                    B   B     
and it's makin' big waves 

Instrumental: |A E    |A    |E     A|E   | 

E                  A                              E 
Daddy's gone and my brother's out huntin' in the mountains 
A                                               E 
Big John's been drinkin' since the river took Emmy Lou 
 A                                        G#m     A 
So the powers that be left me here to do the thinkin' 
     G#m7     A 
And I just turned twenty-two 
     G#m7      A 
I was wonderin' what to do 
       G#m7          A 
And the closer they got 
                        B  B 
The more those feelin's grew 

|A E    |A    |E     A|E   | 

|E  |A  |E  |E  |A  |A  |E  |E  |A  | 
|A  |G#m  |A  |A E    |A  |E   A|E  | 

E               A               E 
Daddy's rifle in my hand felt reassurin’ 
           A                                           E 
He told me "Red means run, son, and numbers add up to nothin'" 
          A                                 G#m  A 
When the first shot hit the dock I saw it comin' 
G#m7             A 
Raised my rifle to my eye 
G#m7             A 
Never stopped to wonder why 
G#m7                 A                       B   B 
Then I saw black and my face splashed in the sk--y 

|A E    |A    |E     A|E   | 

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e|---------------------| B|3-3-3--1-0---1-0-----| G|-----------2-----0---| D|---------------------| A|---------------------| E|---------------------|
E A E Shelter me from the powder and the finger A E Cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger A G#m A Just think of me as one you never figured (out) G#m7 A We fade away so young G#m7 A So much left undone G#m7 A B B Remember me to my love, I know I'll miss h---er Outro: |A E |A |E A|E |E |

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