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The Birthday Party

	  Intro: D  Em  G  A  
        D  Em  G  A  

D   Em             G   A              D    
Hello, there's a place I've been going 
          Em                  G  A 
There's a place I've been going 
          D  Em           G 
Now I'm clean, it would seem 
       A                    D  Em 
Let's go somewhere I'll be seen 
   Em          G   A 
As sad as it seems 
I seen Greg and he was like 

D                             Em 
"I seen your friends at the birthday party 
            G                        A 
They were kinda fucked up before it even started 
            D                 Em 
They were gonna go to the Pinegrove show 
       G                         A 
They didn't know about all the weird stuff 

               D                         Em 
So they just left it" (so they just left it) 
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G A I was wasted (I was wasted)
D Em G A And cold, minding my business A Then I seen the girls and they were all like D Em "Do you wanna come and get fucked up?" G A Listen, I got myself a missus, so there can't be any kissing D Em "No, don't be a fridge, you better wise up, kid
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G A It's all Adderall now, it doesn't make you wanna do it"
D Em G A This ain't going well", I thought that I was stuck in Hell D Em In a boring conversation with a girl called Mel G A About her friend in Cincinnati called Matty as well D Em You pulled away when I went in for the kiss G A No, it wasn't a diss D Em You put the tap on to cover up the sound of your piss G A After four years, don't you think I'm over all this? D Em G "That's rich from a man who can't shit in a hotel room A He's gotta share for a bit" D Em You make a little hobby out of going to the lobby G A To get things that they don't have D Em Does it go through ya when I'm talking to ya? G You know that I could sue ya if we're married A And you fuck up again D Em Impress myself with stealth and bad health G A And my wealth and progressive causes D Em Drink your kombucha and buy an Ed Ruscha G Surely, it's a print 'cause I'm not made of it A Look, the fucking state of it D I came pretty late to it Em G A We can still be mates 'cause it's only a picture D Em G All your friends in one place A D Em G A Oh, we're a scene, whatever that means D Em G A D Em I depend on my friends to stay clean Em G A As sad as it seems A D Em G A D Em G A As sad as it seems D Em G A D Em G A As sad as it seems

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