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Champagne Problems Acordes

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Champagne Problems

	  Intro C  G  Am  F 
        C  G  Am  F 

  You booked the night 
Train for a reason 
So you could sit there 
In this hurt 
  Bustling crowds or 
Silent sleepers 
You're not sure 
Which is worse 

C Because I dropped your G Hand while dancing Am Left you out there standing Crestfallen on the landing F Champagne problems C Your mom's ring G In your pocket Am My picture in your wallet Your heart was Glass, I dropped it F Champagne problems
( C G Am F ) C You told your G Family for a reason Am F You couldn't keep it in C Your sister splashed G Out on the bottle Am F Now no one's celebrating
C G Dom Pérignon, you brought it Am No crowd of friends applauded Your hometown skeptics called it F Champagne problems C You had a speech G You're speechless Am Love slipped beyond your reaches And I couldn't give a reason F Champagne problems
( C G Am F ) C Your Midas touch G On the Chevy door November flush and Am Your flannel cure "This dorm was Once a madhouse" F I made a joke "Well, it's made for me" C How evergreen, our G Group of friends Don't think we'll Am Say that word again And soon they'll have F The nerve to deck the halls That we once walked through C One for the money Two for the show G I never was ready So I watch you go Am Sometimes you just Don't know the answer F 'Til someone's on their Knees and asks you C "She would've made Such a lovely bride G What a shame she's fucked In the head," they said Am But you'll find the Real thing instead F She'll patch up your Tapestry that I shred
C And hold your G Hand while dancing Am Never leave you standing F Crestfallen on the landing With champagne problems C Your mom's ring G In your pocket Her picture in Am Your wallet You won't remember all my F Champagne problems ( C G Am F ) C G Am You won't remember all my F Champagne problems
( C G Am F ) ( C )

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