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This Must Be The Place

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: The Best of Talking Heads

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E|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------| D|-------5---5-------5--7-------5---5-------5--7----------------| A|--5--5---5----7--7-------3--3---3----7--7---------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: G6 Am7 D9 Am7 (2x) G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Home is where I want to be G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Pick me up and turn me round G6 Am7 D9 Am7 I'll go numb, born with a weak heart G6 Am7 D9 Am7 I guess I must be having fun G6 Am7 D9 Am7 The less we say about it the better G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Make it up as we go along G6 Am7 Feet on the ground D9 Am7 Head in the sky G6 Am7 Em It's allright I know nothing's wrong . . nothing G6 Am7 D9 Am7 G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Hi yo I got plenty of time G6 Am7 D9 Am7 G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Hi yo you got light in your eyes G6 Am7 D9 Am7 And you're standing here beside me G6 Am7 D9 Am7 I love the passing of time G6 Am Never for money Em Am Always for love G6 Am Em Cover up and say goodnight . . . say goodnight ( G6 Am Em Am ) (4x) G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Home is where I want to be G6 Am7 D9 Am7 But I guess I'm already there G6 Am7 D9 Am7 I come home she lifted up her wings G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Guess that this must be the place G6 Am7 D9 Am7 I can't tell one from another G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Did I find you, or you find me? G6 Am7 D9 Am7 There was a time before we were born G6 Am7 D9 Am7 If someone asks, this is where I'll be . . . where I'll be G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Hi yo we drift in and out G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Hi yo sing into my mouth G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Out of all those kinds of people G6 Am7 D9 Am7 You got a face with a view G6 Am7 D9 Am7 I'm just an animal looking for a home G6 Am Em Share the same space for a minute or two G6 Am7 D9 Am7 And you love me till my heart stops G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Love me till I'm dead G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Eyes that light up, eyes look through you G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Cover up the blank spots Hit me on the head G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Ihihihihih ihihihih G6 Am7 D9 Am7 Ihihihihih ihihihih *

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