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Intro :  
Am C G Am 
Am C G Am 

Am C I'm empty G Am 'Got nothing inside Am C G Am Iâ??m totally blank and completely dry Am C I'm empty D take a look Em in my eyes G Don't listen to me Am Cosâ?? its all lies
Verse Am C I'm thinking G Am just a big blank space Am C big fake smile G Am plastered on my face Am C I got nothing D Em a big black hole G The carâ??s off the rails Am I'm out of control Chorus I was different before I got sick I was somebody then I was really quick now I'm no one all alone and lost I paid the price Wasn't worth the cost Chorus Solo Am C G Am Am C G Am Am C D Em G Am X2 Am C G Am Am C G Am I'm like a vacuum Iâ??m null and void I sucked it up and now I'm destroyed I'm barren without a care check it out the cupboards are bare Chorus X2

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