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Black Again

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	  Cmaj7                              D  
When you're fed up and lonely   
Cmaj7                                   D  
And nothing else seems to matter really   
Cmaj7                                          D  
I'll be here waiting for the Black cloud to leave you   
Cmaj7                                                        D  
I'll be here to hold your hand When you're tired and lonely   
She can't eat   

She can't sleep   
She's not well (she's lonely again)   
She can't breathe   

She's in bed   
She's in hell   
But she'll never   
Really be alone   
As long as I'm beside her   

Cmaj7                         D  
Hold your breath underwater   
Cmaj7                                   D  
And know you'll rise to the Surface slowly   
Cmaj7                                           D  
Think of me as a ship that might hold you   
Cmaj7                                              D  
Carry you to the shore When you're tired and lonely 

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