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Float Away Acordes

Slaughter Beach, Dog



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Float Away

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E | B | A | E | E | 

               E             B 
Down Delaware River, I went with her 
          A                     E 
We pulled over by the silvery blue 
               E                  B 
Leather seat Chevy, sticky and sweaty 
          A                        B 
We went swimmin' in our birthday suits 

              E                     B 
A sleepy mamasita, thermos of margaritas 
                   A                        E 
We’re never gonna make it back to New York now 
                    E                    B 
Freckles on your shoulder get me growin' older 
            A                    F# 
I gotta be holdin' on to you somehow 

B A Before you float away B A Float away F#m F#7 B Go---ne to stay E And never return
E B I keep an old photo when I ride solo A E Hidden away on the driver's side E B Torn and out of focus, I don't notice A B Till I was cleanin' out the van last night E B Tucked away sweetly in an old CD A E Between the pages of the liner notes E B How could I forget you like I never met you A F# Mama, I never should have let you go
B A Let you float away B A Float away F#m F#7 B Go---ne to stay E And never return
Instrumental F#m | B | E | C#m | F#m | F#7 | E/B | B7 | E B Maybe I'll see her in an old theater A E When I'm rollin like a rolling stone E B Pickin out a new tune, lookin' round a big room A B In Baton Rouge or San Anton E B On a Saturday night, underneath the spotlight A E We’ll communicate a secret song C#m G#m That I could never do right, never knew the good life A F# Always packed up, soon to be gone
B A And I just float away B A Float away F#m F#7 B Go---ne to stay E B And never return A E Never return
Outro E | B | A | E |

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