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Coming Home Acordes

Roy Orbison

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Coming Home

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	         E                                   B 
It's a long and lonely highway when you're travelling all alone.  
      A                                E      B     A 
I was on my way to nowhere but now I'm coming home.  
I'm coming home.  

          E                         				B        
I've been running through the fire, I've been running for so long.  
                 E                                B 
If I took it any higher, baby I would be still be gone.  

A And now I'm coming home, coming home. E I'm coming home. A I'm coming home, coming home E Coming home.
Well my home was really never on a far and distant shore. If I stayed away forever I could never miss you more. Chorus F#m G# I think of all these years gone by, never even wondered why. A E I’ve never touched the ground. F#m G# All the time that's come and gone, all the nights I've been alone. A E And now I'm homeward bound. I heard the thunder over Canaan and I heard the angels cry. And their voices came revealing as you live, so will you die. Chorus by: José Duarte [email protected]

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