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I Know Love Is All I Need Acordes

Rodney Crowell

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I Know Love Is All I Need

Capo en el 5º traste
Key of C  () 
Instrumental: {Travis pick} G D Em C G D Em C 
G So I'm an orphan now  D out here on my own 
Em An its hard to know  - where C  I belong 
G It comes as no surprise D it happens to us all 
Em Just like the sun will rise C night will fall. 
G I know love is all I need D ; Em I know love is all I need D 
Em I know love is all I need C , that's all I know G D Em C 
An image I recall a picture on the wall 
Of my mother  on her wedding day 
A young and na'  nothing up her sleeve 
But the things that just got lost along the way 
Chorus: And I know love?.. 
And there's a voice I hear  it comes in loud and clear 
It's my father's voice  teaching me 
He says to be a man  you've got to be true to your word 
And when you make a stand  you'll be heard 
Chorus: And I know love?.. 
C I can see it in my G children  C I can feel it with my G wife 
C And I know it with these G friends I Em have 
C So important to my life D Dsus D Dsus 
I had a dream last night  I saw my mom and dad 
They were happy now  and I was glad 
They had a brand new house that they'd just moved in 
And when I awoke they were gone again 
Chorus: But I know love .{G} D Em C {6 times normal 7th time fade} 
Transcribed by: Dean Vamvas 


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