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C I'm learning how to play the guitar G I know I'm going to be a big star Am But people said - they know who they are F G The best kind of chord to learn is the barre! F I've stretched all my fingers til they burn C Tried every angle and every wrist turn D7 I think the movies lied when it became understood G A quick montage is all that it takes to get good!
C I want to play my guitar G On stage or on the roof of my car Am But it feels like I won't get very far F G If I have play the chord they call a barre.. F You take your your fore-finger and lay it down flat C Then move the other six it's as easy as that D7 You somehow stop other strings from being muted G Feel the pain in the muscles that have contributed! F Just so you know, it's spelled b-a-r-r-e C I think the other kind of bar is much more friendly D7 I try and I try to get B or B minor.. G Wait... that sounded good, and couldn't be finer! Outro C Now I'm going to play my guitar G In a park maybe, or under the stars Am Wow! I know I'm going to go far F G C Now I know how to play a chord they called a barre... F G C Now I know how to play a chord they called a barre... N.C. (Spoken) Now I just have to do it twice...

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