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Elephant In The Room

Capo en el 2º traste

Intro: G  Bm7  D   
        G  Bm7  D   

G  Bm             D 
Calling you to wake 
               G          Bm 
Shouting in my car that's stalled outside 
        D                     G 
And it's pure coincidence I'm sure 
Bm              D                G           Bm             D 
Falling from my mouth, secondary doubts I've found myself in 
Can't seem to look you in the eye 

     Bm            D 
And I hope you can see 
                C      Bm          D 
I'm more than this, this heap at your feet 
  C            Bm 
Who are you to judge me? 
  D                C 
Who are you to preach? 
Control has slipped away from me again 

G    Bm             D 
How heavy are these words? 
They're heavier than air 
   Bm                 D                                      
That rushes past your face as you drive away from me again 
 G     Bm             D 
How heavy are these hands? 
They're heavier than blood 
   Bm             D                                   
That rushes to my head as you walk away from me again 

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