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A             D                  E             D 
There's a war goin' down between my brothers tonight 
A               D   E          D A    E A E A   E 
I don't want no war goin' down tonight 

A             D            
Civilization? Ha! I call it as I see it 
I call it bullshit! you know, I still cannot believe it 
A             D 
Our evolution now has gone the way of hate 
E                 D                              
A world evolved resolved into it's stupid fate 

A E A E A E D A  
E A D E  A D E 

A    D    E    A  E 
Stop this war! 
A      E               A                   E 
All so different yeah, I say we're all the same 
A           D               E        D 
All caught, you know in the division game 
A           D         E              A 
Self destruction fast impending like a bullet 
A          D             E                  A 
No one can stop it, once it's fired, no one can control it 
D         A       
Stop this war! 

D  E  A  D  E  A 
D  A  D  E  D  A 

A       D              A             E 
A final word wait it's not a call to action 
A        D                 A          E 
We ain't no sect, we ain't no fucking faction 
A         D         E            A 
Unity, unity you've heard it all before 
A         D          A          E            A 
This time it's not exclusive we want to stop a war 
D N.C. 
Unity! As one, stand together 
Unity! Evolution's gonna come! 

D E D A D E D A 
D  E  A  D  E  A 
D  A 

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