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Convoy Acordes

Paul Brandt


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(B. Fries/C. Davis)

Capo en el 3er traste
"Ah, breaker one-nine this here's the rubber duck. 
You got a copy on me Pig-Pen c'mon? 
Ahh yah, 10-4 pig-pen fur sure fur sure, 
By golly, it's clean clear to flagtown c'mon. 
Yah thats a big 10-4 there pigpen, 
We definetly got the front door good buddy. 
Mercy sakes alive looks like we got us a convoy..convoy...." 
It was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June  
In a Kenworth pulling logs  
D                                     A 
Cab-over pete with a reefer on and a jimmy haulin' hogs  
        A                                G 
We was headin for bear on I- 1 0 bout a mile outta shaky town 
I says pig-pen this here's the rubber duck  
and I'm about to put the hammer down 

F C G C Cuz we got a little convoy, rocking through the night F C G E Yah we got a little convoy, aint she a beautiful sight F C G C C'mon and join our convoy, aint nothing gonna get in our way F C G E We're gonna roll this truckin convoy across the U.S.A
A Convoy.... "Ah breaker pigpen this here's the duck and ah you wanna back off them hogs? yah 10-4 bout five mile or so. 10 roger them hogs is gettin intense up here." A By the time we got into Tulsa town G We hada 85 trucks in all D But there's a roadblock up on the clover leaf A And them bears was wall to wall A Yah them smokies was thick as bugs on a bumper G They even had a bear in the air D I says calling all trucks this here's the duck A And we about to go huntin' bear CHORUS (change "little" to "great big") "Ah you wanna give me a 10-9 on that pig-pen? Negatory pig-pen your still too close them hogs is starting to close up my sinuses. mercy sakes you better back off another 10." A G Well we rolled up interstate 44 like a rocket sled on rails D We tore up all of our swindle sheets A And left em sittin on the scales A G By the time we hit that Chi-town, them bears was a gettin smart D They'd brought up some reinforcements from A the Illinois national guard D C There was armored cars and tanks and jeeps and rigs of every size G Yah them chicken coops was full o' bears D and choppers filled the skies D Well we shot the line and we went for broke C with a thousand screamin trucks G D And eleven long-haired friends o' Jesus in a chartreuse micrabus A "Ah rubber duck to sodbuster come over. Yah 10-4 sodbuster listen.. you wanna put that micrabus in behind that suicide jockey? yah hes haulin dynamite and he needs all the help he can get..." A Well we laid a strip for the jersey shore G and prepared to cross the line D I could see the bridge was lined with bears A but I didnt have a dog-goned dime A I says pigpen this here's the rubber duck, G we just ainta gonna pay no toll (D) So we crashed the gate doin' 98 (A) I says let them truckers roll, 10-4! CHORUS (change "great big" to "mighty") "Ah 10-4 pig-pen whats your 20? Omaha?! well they oughta know what to do with them hogs out there for sure. Well mercy sakes good buddy we gonna back on outa here so keep the bugs off your glass and the bears of your... tail. we'll catch ya on the flip-flop. this heres the rubber duck on the side, we gone! buh-bye!"

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