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Lost Without You Acordes

Pat Green

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Lost Without You

	  Capo I  

Intro:  Am F C G  (2X) 

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Am F C G (2X) E|-------------|-1------------|-------------|-3------------| A|-0-----------|--------------|-3-----------|--------------| D|---2----2----|---3----3-----|---2----2----|---0----0-----| G|------2----2-|------2-----2-|------0----0-|------0-----0-| B|----0----0---|----0-----0---|----0----0---|----0-----0---| e|-------------|--------------|-------------|--------------| Lead in to verse after intro and chorus: E|---------| A|-------3-| D|-0-2-0---| G|---------| B|---------| e|---------|
Verse 1 Am F Pretty little thing where ya going with that C G "I'm about to give up" Look in your eyes Am F I just said what I felt C G But I sure didn't mean To make you cry Am F C That's the thing about honesty G Dm Sometimes it stinks sometimes it sets you free F Go on, be mad at me just don't leave CHORUS C F G Cuz I'd still be lost, without you C F G I'd still be lost without you Am F Who would I be C G Baby, I don't know where I'd go Dm Or what I'd do F Cuz I'd still be lost I'd still be lost Am F C G Without you without you, without you Verse 2 Days come and go time passes Hard to remember it's easy to forget The velvet sky, that kiss, That first taste of your perfect lips That's the thing about you and me Sometimes we just disagree But baby I just need You to see CHORUS (Last line twice this time) CHORUS (Last line twice this time) The first several lines of the song he plays and palm mutes most of it. Then with the line “That's the thing about honesty” he starts playing it without palm muting. Just play around with it while listening to the song. I think you'll get it. Davin

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