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Fools Hall Of Fame

(Wally Gold/Aaron Schroeder)

	  Intro: C Bb C 

Gb   Am7     C       Em C        Am7    Dm 
Just hang my the fool's hall  
   F                        Fm 
of fame (the fool's hall of fame..fool's hall  

of fame.) 
                 C                   A 
That's where I belong cause I was so wrong 
                D                   G 
for letting you go, for letting you go. 

Dm7            C      Em C        Am7    Cm 
The world will see the fool's hall  
Em7 F                         Fm 
of  fame..(the fool's hall of fame..fool's hall  

of fame.) 
G                        C    Am7            G 
They'll stop and they'll say, he turned her away, 
Bb       G         C 
when she loved him so..(when she loved him so..when  
she loved him so.) 

D       F       Fm  C      Fm      Ab        C 
Why did I break the truest heart beneath the sun? 
C            Am7    C          A      G    D 
There may be bigger fools than me but just name me  
     C            G 
one, just name me one. 

G          C        Am7          C      F 
Til you forgive me, I just won't be the same.. 
(Won't be the same..won't be the same.) 
Gb    Gm7          C            Cm            A 
Don't say it's the end, please, don't make me spend  
  C           D      G                     C     
a lifetime of shame, in the fool's hall of fame. 

 C                  Bb 
 C                  Bb 

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