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Rape Me

Áño: 1993 - Álbum: In Utero

	  Tabbed by Pepitko

I'm seeing that tabs that are on net don't have lyrics or they are hella long.
Here is the simple version with lyrics included;-)

Noramal Tunning

Intro: Clean/Dist. off
x x x x A5,C5,E5,G5   2x

Verse1: Clean/Dist. off
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e--------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------- G------------------5-------------------------------- D-----7---------5--5--5--------2------------5------- A-----7------3----------3------2---------5--5--5---- E--5-----5------------------0-----0---3----------3--
Rape me Rape me my friend Rape me Rape me again Dist. on! Chorus: A5 C5 E5 G5 I am not the only one aaahhhhaaa I am not the only one aaahhhhaaa I am not the only one aaahhhhaaa I am not the only one Verse 2: A C E G Rape me Do it and do it again Waste me Rape me again Here play Chorus Bridge: C#5 A5 A-----3-2-1-0 My favorite inside source I'll kiss your open sores appreciate your concern you'll always stink and burn Then.......F5.....G5......A5-let ring Verse1: A5 C5 E5 G5 Rape me Rape my friend Rape me Rape me again Here play Chorus Interlude: A5 C5 G5 E5 Rape me, Rape me, Rape me, Rape me 4x End on A-let ring Rape me Send me any suggestions to [email protected]

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