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Saint Louis Blues

(W.C. Handy)


Intro: E Fdim F#m7 B7/9+ E Fdim F#m7 B7/9+  

Em          Am7    Em            C       B7      C   B7  
Saint Louis woman, with her diamond rings  
B7                Cdim   B7        Am7     Em      F#7   B7  
Pulls that man around      by her apron strings  
      Em          Am7  Em           C           B7      C   B7  
If it weren't for powder   and for store-bought hair  
    B7     Cdim  B7            Am7              Em    F#7   B7  
The gal I love      wouldn't'a gone nowhere, nowhere  
B7       E    Em   E       Em  E        Em E  Edim E  
Got the Saint Louie Blues, just as blue  as  I can be  
     A     A6     A7                   Gdim Cdim  E  
That gal's got a heart like a rock cast in  the  sea  
Edim B7      B7/F#          A     Gdim Cdim  E   
 Or else she wouldn't have gone so far from me  
B7  E  Em  E     Em   E                E Edim E  
I love that gal like a schoolboy loves his pie  
       A     A6  A7               Gdim   Cdim  E  
Like a Kentucky Colonel loves his mint and rye  
Edim   B7      B7/F#   A     Gdim Cdim  E   
I'll love my baby   until the day  I   die  


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