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Could It Be Magic

(Adrienne Anderson )


F4 F       G4 G  
      Spirits move  me  
Ab             Bb  
Every time I'm near you  
Ab              Bb            C  
Whirling like a cyclone in my mind  
F4 F        G4 G  Ab          Bb  
      Oh sweet Peter,   angel of my lifetime  
Ab             Bb            C  
Answer to all, answers I can find  

Baby, I love you  
Fm    Db    C            Cm  
Come, come, come into my arms  
Bb              Db        C  
Let me know the wonder of all of you  
C             C 
Baby, I want you  
Fm   Db   C               Cm  
Now, now, now and hold on fast  
Bb                 Db       C  
Could this be your magic at last 

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