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Best Kept Secret


	  Intro Bm 

            Bm/A         Bm/G# 
You're my best kept secret 
       Bm/G          C 
Set my world on fire 
            Bm          F#m 
Where I'll make my home 
           E           G 
Spend my days til I die 
     F#                   E7 
And then become a shining star 

Bm       Bm/A           Bm/G# 
I'm your best kept secret 
      Bm/G              C 
Lighthouse in the gloom 
           Bm           F#m     
Where you find yourself 
             E            G        
When you're lost and blue 
     F#                    E7 
So everything makes sense again 

G         Bm  Em    F#m        
 You're my best, my best kept secret 
G         Bm  Em    F#m        
 I'm your best, your best kept secret 
G         Bm  Em    F#m        
 We're the last, the last lovers around 
G          F#m        
 Let's put fire in this town 

Solo Bm  Bm/A  Bm/G#  Bm/G 
       C  Bm  F#m  E 
       G  F#  E7 

Bm        Bm/A         Bm/G# 
You're my best kept secret 
        Bm/G           C 
Where my love is safe 
       Bm              F#m     
And despite my defects 
            E         G 
You love me like I am 
F#              E7 
Confident or insecure 

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