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Bonnie Jean Acordes

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Bonnie Jean

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A G D A  A G D A 

                             D                               A 
There was a lass an she was fair, at kirk an' market tae be seen 
                                G                   D               A 
When aw oor fairest maids were met, fairest o' them aw was bonnie Jean 
                                   D                        A 
and aye, she wrought her Mammie’s work and she sang sae merrilie 
                            G                   D                A 
The blythest bird upon the bush, had ne'er a lighter heart than she 

                               D                                       A 
But hawks will rob the tender joys, that bless the little lintwhite’s nest 
                                    G                 D                 A 
And frost will blight the fairest flower, love will break the soundest rest 
                         Em                  D      A 
For she met a braw young lad, the pride of  aw the glen 
                            Em               G             A 
And he had oxen, sheep and kye, and bonnie horses nine or ten 

A G D A  A G D A 

                               D                                   A 
Ah he  gaed wi Jeanie tae the tryste, and danced the lassie on the down 
                               G                  D                    A 
And lang ere witless Jeannie knew, her heart was lost, her peace was stown 
                          D                                 A 
As in the bosom o' the stream, the moonbeam dwells at dewy een 
                              G                 D               A 
So trembling pure was tender love, within the breast o' bonnie Jean 

                                  D                                        A 
While monies a bird sang sweet o'love, and monie a flower blooms ower the dale 
                              G                  D               A 
his cheek to hers he aft did lay, and whispered thus his tender tale 
                            Em                   D      A 
O Jeannie fair I love thee dear,can you think tae fancy me 
                       Em               G           A 
an leave your mammies hame,and will ye come awa wae me 

                               D                                  A 
So what could helpless Jeannie do? She had nae will tae tell him naw 
                                G                    D                A 
At length she blushed a sweet consent, and love was aye between them twa 

A G D A  A G D A 

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