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Not The Nine Oclock News - Supa Dupa Acordes

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Not The Nine Oclock News - Supa Dupa

Capo en el 1er traste

F         C         Dm        C    Bb  A Gm C F C 
Supa dupa supa dupa supa dupa supa do 

verse 1 
F                 C 
One of us is ugly one of us is cute 
One of us you'd like to see in her birthday suit 
Two of us write music two of we have song 
Gm                                      C      
Sorry in translation that line come out wrong 

F C But still supa dupa supa dupa Dm C Bb That we're number one again F C Singing supa dupa dupa Bb C F C Makes a supa dupa refrain
Bridge Dm F We believe that if you have three tunes in a song C And a showbiz cliché nothing can go wrong Bb The world is just a great big stage A Dm Each man plays his part Gm C In this concrete jungle F My sleeve is on my heart verse 2 F C On the beaches we'll go swimming in the nude Dm Oh how I wish now and then that we could say something rude Bb Breast and bottom tongue and inner thigh Gm C Heaving bellies come up from behind
F C But still supa dupa it's more supa Dm C Bb Dupa than we would have thought F C Bb C F Take this supa dupa dupa make it supa dupa short F C Supa dupa supa dupa Dm C Bb It's a supa dupa refrain F C Bb C F So we thought our supa dupa we'd sing supa dupa again

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