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Down Acordes

Miranda Lambert

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Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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	  D   C             D 
Down is where I'm goin' 
D   C             D 
Pain is what I'm showin'  
G C            D 
Love is what I'm takin' 
C  G              D 
Hearts are what I'm breakin' 

D                       C       D               
Strong man lived like a Jackson hole 
                       C        D 
Took my heart and he broke my soul 
G               C        D 
Left a dark place in my chest 
C           G        D 
I sleep but I don't rest 
C          G       D 
I sleep but I don't rest 


Met a little boy in Baton Rouge 
Eyes were clear and his heart was true 
Made that boy's heart scream my name 
But he didn't know the game 
But he didn't know the game 


You don't want to be standin' there 
When the storm hits you won't have a prayer 
My wind will blow you to your knee 
Stay away from me 
Stay away from me 
Stay away from me 



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