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One Country

Áño: 1990 - Álbum: Blue Sky Mining

Tono:  G Más
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	  Transcribed by...Pugwall & Me 
1st Verse: 
G               C          G 
  Who'd like to change the world 
G              C          G 
  Who wants to shoot the curl 
D             C        G 
  Who gets to work for bread 
D              C    Em    
  Who wants to get ahead 
G               C     G 
  Who hands out equal rights 
G                C         G 
  Who starts and ends that fight 
D             C        G 
  And not not rant and rave 
D    C        Em        D 
  Or end up a slave 
G              C        G 
  Who can make hard won gains 
G               C      G 
  Fall like the summer rain 
D           C        G 
  Now every man must be 
D          C        Em 
  What his life can be 
   C     D     Em      C                  G 
So don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away 
Break: not sure about this but the following notes seem to go okay 
Em D 
2nd Verse: 
(Repeat chords from 1st verse) 
Who want's to please everyone, who says it all can be done 
Still sit up on that fence, no-one I've heard of yet 
Don't call me baby, don't talk in maybes 
Don't talk like has-beens, sing it like it should be 
Who laughs at the nagging doubt, lying on a neon shroud 
Just gotta touch someone, I want to be 
   C     D     Em      C 
So don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away 
      D     Em      C 
Don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away 
      D     Em      C                  G 
Don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away 
Am  C  D 
Am C Am  C  D 
Am C Am  C  D 
Am  C  D 
G  C  G  F 
G  C  G 
Am C  Am F 
Am C  D F  
(Repeat these chords to end) 
One country one, country one country 
Who wants to sit around, turn it up turn it down 
Only a man can be, what his life can be 
One vision, one people, one landmass, we are defenceless, we have a lifeline 
One ocean, one policy, seabed lies, one passion, one movement, one instant 
One difference, one lifetime, one understanding 
G                  C             G            
  Transgression, redemption, one island, our placemat 
Am       C     Am   C       Am    C     D   F                   G 
One firmament, one element, one moment, one fusion, yes and one time 


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