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Rescue Acordes

Michael Gungor



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	  Order: Ix4 V1 C V2 Cx2 Bx4 Cx2** Ix4  
**(Capture me with grace 2 additional times on last Chorus) 

Intro: Bm D/F# G 

Verse 1------------------ 
Bm    D/F#   G  
 You are the source of life 
Bm  D/F#    G  
 I can't be left behind  
Bm       D/F#     G 
 No one else will do 
Bm  D/F#     G 
 I will take hold of You 
D Asus I need You Jesus to come to my rescue Em7 G Where else can I go D Asus There's no other name by which I am saved Em7 G Capture me with grace Bm D/F# G I will follow You Bm D/F# G
Verse 2------------------ Bm D/F# G My heart is Yours for life Bm D/F# G I need Your hand in mine Bm D/F# G No one else will do Bm D/F# G I put my trust in You Bridge------------------------------------------ Bm D/F# G I will follow You This world has nothing for me

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