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I Promise You Acordes

Michael Bolton



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I Promise You

Intro: D  F#m  A  F#m  G  Gm 

         Bm     D   A      F#m 
I will promise you, yes I promise to 
          Bm             D 
Love you for all your life 
                Bm      G 
Love you every day and night 
    Gm        D            F#m 
I will always be there for you 

   G                Em              A 
I'll be in your arms, you'll be in my heart 

F I'll love you forever, I promise you Dm A# C We'll be together, our whole life through Am Dm A# Dm There's nothin' that I, I wouldn't do Gm A# D F#m F# Gm With all of my heart, I promise you Bm D A F# I will take your hand, and I'll understand Bm Share all your hopes and dreams D Em G Gm Show you what love can mean D F#m Whenever life just gets too much for you G Em A I'll be on your side, to dry the tears you cry
Oh I will always be in your arms And you will always be the flame within my heart

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