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Peachy Acordes

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	  F Bb F A Bb Bbm F (2x) 

C              Bb       F              A   
How else can I say I am not your hide-away, 

         Bb                 Bbm          F 
Get your face out from the crook in my arm. 

    C             Bb              F             A 
And not only just I can be what's keeping you alive, 

     Bb            Bbm                F 
If I slip up, if I fall asleep you're gone.  

    Dm  C     Bb       F 
And god knows I've tried, 

    Dm   C          Bb 
But I am god damned tired. 

F Bb F A Bb Bbm F  

    C              Bb               F               A            Bb  
And I will build a fort around you, the bricks are drying in the sun, 

          Bbm         F 
Stay real still I'll soon be done.  

    C               Bb       F        A 
But I'm not strong enough to hold you up, 

            Bb            F            Bb          F  
I've got a hole inside my gut and it's tearing me apart. 

          Bb          F            Bb          F 
Yeah this hole inside my gut it is tearing me apart.  

      Bbm         F 
It is tearing me apart. (x4) 

Dm                          F 
I am small the television's falling from the second floor,  

   Gm               Bb                     F 
My sister's hand in mine as we watch it go. 

Dm                                F  
Another scene with sirens in the front yard  

        Gm                Bb 
For the neighbors to read by the lights of. 

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