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(Kate Bush)

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Capo en el 4º traste

D    A      Em        B7 
   I wait      at the table 
D           A          Em       B7 
   And hold hands with weeping strangers 
D              A     Em        B7 
   Wait for you   to join the group 

D           A     Em        B7 
  The tambourine,   jingle-jangle 
D         A  Em        B7 
  The medium roams and rambles 
      D        A  Em           B7 
  Not taken in, I break the circle 

C             A 
  I want this man 
Dm        E 
  To go away now 

G Bm A With a kiss, I'd pass the key G And feel your tongue Bm A Teasing and receiving G With your spit Bm Em Still on my lip Dm You hit the water ( Gm Dm Dm Em ) ( Em Dm Gm ) D A Him and I in the room Em7 B7 To prove you are with us too D A Em7 B7 He's using code that only you and I know D A Em7 B7 This is no trick of his, this is your magic D A I'd catch the queues, watching you Em7 B7 D Hoping you'd do something wrong A Em7 B7 Everybody thinks you'll never make it D F#m7 Em7 But every time you escape Bm C Rosabel, believe A Not even eternity Dm E Can hold Houdini! ("Rosabel, believe!")
G Through the glass Bm A I'd watch you breathe G Bound and drowned Bm A And paler than you've ever been G With your life Bm Em The only thing in my mind Em Dm We pull you from the water (Houdini...) ( Gm Dm Dm Em ) ( Em Dm Gm ) Final Gm You Dm And I Em Dm And Rosabel believe

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