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Love Me Or Leave Me

Intro: G / C 

verse 1 : G / C 
I see a wound deep inside 
Someone who miss in your life 
One day you smile 
The next you blow out 
Come with me let’s shine 

PreChorus : Am / D 
If our story has to end 
I don’t know why 
And if I had to fly away 
I don’t know how 

Chorus : C / G 
Love me or leave me 
Till I die 
Confide me all this will be 
My tears are down on my feet 
Love me or leave me 

Intro 2 : G / C 
(Na na na…) 

verse 2 
This daydream is a wire 
Cut by you tonight 
You and me forever 
A certainty that dies 


Bridge : Am / G x2    Asus4 
If your anger leads you 
To make me dive 
To fool myself with another lie 
Goodbye, goodbye 
we won’t be as one 


Love me or leave me 

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