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Dream Chaser

	  C				    F  
I'm gonna pack my bags and drive all night 
C			            F 
I'll be in the mountains by morning light 
Dm 			      G 	     F		   
And drive the road I traveled years ago as a young girl  
leaving home 
C				      F  
With dreams as big as the trees were tall  
C				       F 
I knew I'd have nothin' or I'd have it all 
And you all know what happens when the bright lights  
F			             G        
Either gonna make it or you're gonna fall,  
F                     C 
Make it or your gonna fall 

G C I'm a dream chaser, a star gazer that's what I am G F But I've always known, I'd come back home, when I found my C rainbows end G C Rain makers and heart breakers could never change my plans F G C Dream chaser that's what I am
Instrumental: Dm C Dm F C G C F I'm going home where the stars shine bright in a mountain sky C F The path above I followed all of my life Dm G It's guiding me back to where my dreams began F G F C Then I'll be gone again, I'll be gone again Chorus F G C Dream chaser that's what I am

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