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God Of My Life(Acoustic)

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Intro E-------------------------------- B------------------------------- G-----0-------------------------- x2 D--------4-----2--0----0-------- A-----------------------------2b E-3-------3---------3-----3----- Vs. 1 E------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------- G---0-------------------------------------0------------------------- D------4-----2--0-----0----------------------4-----2-0------0------- A----------------------------2b-----------------------------------2b E-3-------3--------3-----3-----------0---------0--------0------0---- E--------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------1--------3--- G-----------------------------------------0--------0------ x2 D----5-4------5/7---7-7-7/9----9-------2--------4--------- A-0-------0------------------0------3--------5------------ E---------------------------------------------------------
Vs. 1 G Em D C D Come and bow right now at the feet of Jesus G Em D C D Come throw down your crowns at the feet of Jesus Pre-Chorus: Em D In strength and weakness, I trust in you C D In joy and suffering, I delight in you G D Nothing, can separate me from your love G D For your love is faithful throughout eternity (Yeah) Chorus: G D You are the God of my life C G D And my song, forever (2x) G God of my life Vs. 2 G Em D C D Come be filled with life at the feet of Jesus G Em D C D Leave all cares behind at the feet of Jesus Bridge: Em G C D All creation waits for the revealing of your glory Em G C All the sons of God rise in victory, D rise with healing? G C G C I was sinking, ?til I found you G C G C I will seek you, ?til I find you 2x (You are the God of my life) (You are the God of my life) (back to Chorus)

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