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I'm Remembering

(Aubrey Mayhew)

	  C                                  G7 
I'm remembering when I smiled like this 

I'm reliving a first sweet warm kiss 

                       C7        F 
With some memories the two of us know 

    G7                         C 
I'm remembering and loving you so 

G7                  D7               G7 
Now we're sitting inside some little coffee place 

                                    D7         G7 
Don't know the name of it all I can see is the smile on your face 

        C                            F  D7 
Now I'm hearing some words whispered l-ow 
    G7                             C 
And I'm remembering and loving you so 

I'm remembering it's all in my heart 

The memories we've made from the start 

                       C7         F 
There's a love song we heard long ago 

    G7                         C 
I'm remembering and loving you so 

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