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Can't Help But Wonder Where I` Bound Acordes

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Can't Help But Wonder Where I` Bound

(Tom Paxton)


Intro: Dm G C Am Dm G C 

It's a long and dusty road 
       Dm            Am 
It's a hot and heavy load 
        G7                        C 
And the folks I meet ain't always kind 
Some are bad and some are good 
          Dm                 Am 
Some have done the best they could 
          G7                          C 
Some have tried to ease my trouble in mind 

      Dm             G                C                Am 
And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound, where I'm bound 
Dm             G                C 
Can't help but wonder where I'm bound 

I've been wandering through this land 
     Dm               Am 
Just doin' the best I can 
          G7                       C 
Trying to find what I was meant to do 
And the people that I see 
        Dm             Am 
Look as worried as can be 
       G7                            C 
And it looks like they are wand'rin' too 

But I had me a buddy back home 
       Dm             Am 
And he started off to roam 
         G7                  C 
Now he's out, gone to Frisco Bay 
And sometimes when I've had a few 
        Dm                  Am 
His old voice comes ringin' through 
            G7                            C 
And yes I'm goin' out to see him some old day 

If you see me passin' by 
        Dm                 Am 
And you sit and you wonder why 
        G7                            C 
And you wish that you were a rambler, too 
nail your shoes to the kitchen floor 
       Dm              Am 
Lace'em up and bar the door 
           G7                             C 
Thank your stars for the roof that's over you 

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