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	            G                            Am 
If you're riding down the road and you come across an old man 
D7                           G 
holding out his thumb in the wind. 
Am                        Em 
Clothes are old and dirty, that doesn't matter, 
         A7                            D  
it's his eyes that tell you where he's been. 
G                                 Am 
If you're not afraid to take your chances on a stranger, 
D7                            G 
he might have some company to lend. 
Am                            Em 
Pull off to the side, let the old man have a ride.  
      A7                                 D 
He'll tell you all the crazy things he's seen. 

       Bb       F      G                          D 
I'm an old hitchhiker, highway is the only home I know. 
          Bb                            F 
Where you headed, I don't mind. I ain't been there in some time, 
         A7                         D 
but it's just exactly where I wanna go. 

      D                             Am 
I can tell you how I started in the circus as a barker  
D7                             G 
calling people in from far and wide. 
     Am                   Em 
They never did regret the dollar that it cost them, 
   A7                             D  
we always left 'em feeling good inside. 
        G                          Am 
We were headed for Montana when we hired us a dancer,  
    D7                            G 
her beauty it was more than I can say. 
     Am                          Em 
Then one summer night she set my soul on fire,  
        A7                             D 
Lord, I wish that she was here with me today. 

       Bb       F      G                                D 
I'm an old hitchhiker, wonder what's awaiting round the bend. 
        Bb                             F 
I don't know what I might see, I don't need no guarantee, 
       A7                                D 
just a ride from here to there and back again. 

      G                     Am 
I was only seventeen when I took the open highway, 
D7                           G  
took it for my teacher and a friend. 
          Am                        Em 
I've been thirty years of thumbing, some might call it bumming, 
     A7                             D 
it's better than just crying in the wind. 
          G                             Am 
If you're driving down the road and you come across an old man, 
D7                           G 
holding out his thumb in the rain. 
        Am                            Em 
You can pull off to the side, let the poor boy have a ride, 
       A7                                 D 
he can tell you all the crazy things he's seen. 

       Bb       F      G                              D 
I'm an old hitchhiker, looking to the far side of the hill. 
            Bb                            F 
Some people say I'll settle down, build a home in some small town. 
    A7                         D 
But in my heart I know I never will,  
       Bb       F       G     D    G 
I'm an old hitchhiker. 

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