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(Martyn Smith)

Tono:  Ab Más
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Cm            Bb             Ab      Fm7 
   What can I do with my obsession 
Cm            Bb              Ab  Fm7 
   With the things I cannot see 
Cm           Bb               Ab  Fm7 
   Is there madness in my being 
Cm        Bb                    Ab  Fm7 
   Is it wind that blows the trees 
Cm                   Bb               Ab   Fm7 
   Sometimes You re further than the moon 
Cm                    Bb              Ab  Fm7 
   Sometimes You re closer than my skin 
Cm        Bb               Ab          Fm7 
   You surround me like a winter fog 
Cm               Bb               Ab  Fm7 
   You come and burn me with a kiss 

Ab Bb Eb/G And my heart burns for You Ab Bb Eb/G And my heart burns for You
Bridge: Fm7 Eb/G Oh forever keep me burning Ab Bb Keep me burning with the fire of Your love

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