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Father Of Lights


Intro: Bm G D A 

Verse 1:
        Bm     G                   A  
Like a flame, love burned in Your eyes 
        Bm      G                A  
Driving You to pay the greatest price 
               Bm      G              A  
You bought my life, so I could be a light 
          Bm    G           A  
Reflecting You, reflecting love 

Bm                          D            A 
Everything good comes from You, Father of Lights 
                Bm             D                  A 
Your love will always pierce through the darkest night 

Bm Love has a voice D Love has a name A Jesus, Jesus Bm Your love is a light D Filling my eyes A Jesus, Jesus
Verse 2: Bm G A You bore the weight, of death upon Your heart Bm G A And Your last breath tore the veil apart Bm G A You made a way, for me to walk in grace Bm G A So I could love You, face to face Bridge: Bm G D I will never be the same A Bm Love has called my name Bm G D A From the ashes, I rise to proclaim Bm G Your love is undefeated D A Bm Forever You will reign G D A Justice has won again

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