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Lets Bomb The Moonlight Acordes

Jeff Buckley

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Lets Bomb The Moonlight

	  N.B- this is a currently unreleased recording which can be found on Youtube and at Mojo Radio 

Em7 Gmaj7                
    so well 
the world is diagnosed with terminal cancer 
flesh is not human this culture is not freedom 
                           Em   Am 
and the world has terminal cancer 
G          D/F#    Bm 
  i want to live with you 
              Am      C         Am D/A C G Gmaj7 
let's bomb the moonlight and dance 
this far awake is a joke our love is real 
and the world is diagnosed with terminal cancer 
i love your lips before the apocalypse 
armageddon's just another job, it's all on the inside 
                   Am  D/A    C 
don't let them tell you      love is a lie 
             Am  D/A 
love is so real 
                  C          Ab5  
the best bet's to stay alive 
     Let's go bomb the moonlight 
            Em     Am 
let's take it back 
                 D/F#  Bm/F# 
what was ours by right 
Bm                 G     Am              Em7 (Am D/A C G) x2 
frame of a picture, the subject's not right 
Am         D/A        C 
oh people of the world 
            G              Am 
you have a new boy in town 
              D/A          C         G 
to share the light with a guillotine 
                   Em         Am 
that's realer than all of you 
      D/F# Bm      G 
that's love   human. 
               Am     D/F#        Em7 
we'll bomb the moonlight and dance 
sweet black mother of death 
why did you have to take her away from me? 
it's stupid all the words fit together where now is nothing 
                    Am            Em 
why did you have to bring us together, 
                    G       D/F# 
under such dirty circumstance? 
              Am  Em 
i have a Molotov 
                D/F#         Em 
let's bomb the moonlight and dance   
(Am D/A C G, Am D/A C)x2     Em Am G D/F# Bm/F# Em 
dance dance dance dance etc.

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