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Hidden Treasure

	  G                             C            D 
For every academic, there's a dozen coffee shop 
G                                 C                     D 
and it's hard to sip on latte and conceal the bomb i've got 
C                 D                 Em             G 
I think I fell in love with you, it wasn't hard to do 
       C                 D                        G 
But if you don't love me back, I'll fall straight through 

G                            C                   D 
Well I went for a kiss and I received a shoulder cold 
G                            C                  D 
Jack told me I'm copper so I shouldn't mine for gold 
C            D           Em           G 
but i am underground for every reason to be 
        C              D                   G 
I'm not coming out til you're in love with me 

C                  G           C             G 
If you follow your heart you're bound to get hurt 
        C       D           Em     G 
because love is blind it is rarely kind 
        C        D             G 
when it is it is usually short-lived 

I tried to restrain myself took a silly step 
I had planned to take it slowly but in retrospect I leapt 
so if you wanna walk with me, come on and hold my hand 
and hold my gaze into your pupil both expand 

now i laid it on the table, put the ball in your court 
and I ain't something so trivial to destroy your whole town court 
if you feelin' lonely and would like some company 
i will drop my plans and claim that i was free. 

If you follow your heart you're bound to get hurt 
because love is blind it is rarely kind 
when it is it is usually short-lived 

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