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Jason Walker



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What If I Told You

Intro: D A (2x) 

Verse 1: 

what if I told you 
who I really was 
D                   A 
what if I let you on my charade 

what if I told you 
what was really going on 
D                            A 
no more masks and no more parts to play 

E there so much i want to say Fm but im so scared to give away D A every little secret that i hide behinde E would you see me diffrentlly Fm and would that be such a bad thing D A i wonder what it would be like A D A D A if i told you..
Verse 2: D what if i told you A that its just a front D A to hide the inscurities i have D what if i told you A that im not as strong D A as i like to make belive i am Chours

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