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Guilty Acordes

Jarrod Birmingham

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	         A               D          A  
Well I live my life on Honky Tonk Time  
            A                         D    A  
Through the swingin' doors 'neath the neon sign  
          A                        D          A  
Where the spirits are high snd the lights are low  
A                   D         A  
Music's hot and the beers ice cold  
Some people don't like the life I lead  
     D                       E 
They say I'm guilty just for bein' me  
D Hey I'm guilty, guilty as charged A Sentence me to a life behind bars D Guilty of livin' four fourths time A Honky Tonkin' is my crime E Guilty as charged, that's what I plea D E A 'Caus I'm a honky tonkin' fool in the first degree
Some people say that I won't go far Say I'm tryin' to be some kind of star Yeah, but all I wanna be is what I am Thats a honky tonk singer in a honky tonk band I don't need no jury, don't need no trial I'm pleadin' guilty for getting' plum wild Chorus Chorus

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