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Jack Haggerty

Capo en el 2º traste
Intro: C    F  C  F  C    F  C  G  C 

I'm a stout hearted raftsman where white waters roar  
       F           C                            F 
And my name I've engraved on the high rocks and shore  
Over Camp Flat and river, I'm very well known  
     F            C             G            C 
They call me Jack Haggerty, the pride of the town 

I worked on the river by night and by day 
         F                 C                        F 
'Til the blacksmith's fair daughter my heart stole away 
I'm the boy that stands happy on the dark, burling stream 
       F                C          G          C 
And my thoughts were on Annie, she haunted my dreams 

Instrumental: C    F  C  F  C    F  C  G  C 

I gave her fine jewels, the finest of lace  
    F         C                      F 
The costliest muslins, her form to embrace  
And I gave her my wages, all for to keep safe  
    F             C         G           C 
I deprived her of nothing I had on this earth 

I worked on the river, I earned quite a stake 
      F             C                            F 
I was steadfast and steady, and ne'er played the rake  
For that fair blacksmith's daughter, I'd soon make my bride 
      F           C              G          C 
And I courted her sweetly by the Flat River side 

Instrumental: C    F  C  F  C    F  C  G  C 

Then, one day on the river, a note I received 
       F            C                        F 
Saying she from her promise, herself she did leave 
And she'd wed with another, a long time delayed 
        F             C                 G         C 
And the next time I'd see her, she'd no more be a maid 

To her mother, Jane Tucker, I laid all the blame 
          F             C                          F 
Well, she caused her to leave me and go back on my name 
And to cast off the riggings that god was to tie 
       F          C                 G          C 
And to leave me a wanderer 'til the day that I die 

Instrumental: C    F  C  F  C    F  C  G  C 

So, come all ye bold raftsmen with hearts stout and true 
      F               C                           F 
Don't give your heart quickly, you're beat if you do 
And when your head's turned by a dark chestnut curl 
       F           C                G          C 
Just remember Jack Haggerty and the Flat River girl  

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