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I'll Write The Song, You'll Sing It For Me Acordes




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I'll Write The Song, You'll Sing It For Me

	  (intro) (dedilhe os power chords) ( Bb5  C#5  Eb5  F#5 ) 

(solo) G |--3-3-5-6-6-6-8-6-3-1-| 

( Bb5  C#5  Eb5  F#5 ) 
if tomorrow morning 
is the last time that we'll be together 
than i want you to admit that you were wrong when you said forever 
and if the summer of your thinking. 
is a leaky ship that is sinking 
i want you to save a winter thought for a cloudy day 

          Bb5       C5  C#5  (passe rapido de um acorde pro outro) 
I have a poorly written song that says 
   Eb5  C#5   Bb5 
i think you should 
 Ab5   Bb5       C5 C#5 
and a sad and lonely friend telling 
    Eb5   C#5  Bb5 
me you're no good 
          F5*        Eb5 C#5  Eb5 
i wish my brain had a map to tell me 
         C#5    C5    Bb5   C5 C#5 
where my heart should go 
         Eb5    C#5    Bb5  Ab5 
where my heart should go 

C5 (deixa soar) 
I'll write the song that you sing for me baby. 

(intro e solo) 

(para tocar os demais versos é só repetir a sequência) 
( Bb5   C#5   Eb5   F#5 ) 

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