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Beautiful Eyes Acordes



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Beautiful Eyes

{Intro:} Cm7 G#7M D# Bb/D Gm 
Cm7 G#7M      D# Bb/D  Gm            Cm7 
Her beautiful eyes are all I want to see 
G#7M    	D# Bb/D 	   Gm             Cm7 
Staring back at me just like I'm staring into the sun 
    G#7M   D# Bb/D  Gm             Cm7 
Her tender touch is all I want to feel 
     G#7M        D# Bb/D 
As I hold our baby 
 Gm         Cm7 G#7M D# Bb/D Gm 
Gently in my arms 
            Cm7 G#7M D# Bb/D Gm 
Gently in my arms 
Seems it's been so long since I saw her smiling face 
Even though it was only yesterday 
And I miss her, oh! Yes I loved her so 
And I wonder why she had to go 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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