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Blue Skirt Waltz Acordes

Hank Thompson



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Blue Skirt Waltz

G     A7   D7 G 
I wandered alone one night 
                D7        G 
Till I heard an orchestra play 
  A7      D7    G 
I met you where lights were bright 
                D7            G 
And people were care free and gay 

You were the beautiful lady in blue 
         G      D7   G 
I was in heaven just waltzing with you 
             A7  D7  G         C 
You thrilled me with strange delight 
     Am     D7         G 
Then softly you stole away 

                C          G 
I dream of that night with you 
Lady when first we met 
               C        D7 
We danced in a world of blue 
How can my heart forget 

Blue were the skies and blue were your eyes 
G                        D7  G 
Just like the blue skirt you wore 
          D7   G         D7 
Come back blue lady come back 
C        D7       G 
Don't be blue any more

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