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Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law Acordes

Hank Snow


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Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law

What a strange world we live in,  
       C                A7 
What a shame, Oh what a shame! 
D                                               G 
Someone's always quarrellin' the marriage don't remain. 
                                  C           A7 
Divorces by the thousands; is the human race insane? 
  D                                               G 
I always thought that marriage should be a sacred thing. 

C A7 Married By The Bible Divorced By The Law; D G Ev'ry day there's more and more, the worst I ever saw. C Things have changed, they're not the same as the days of A7 Ma and Pa, D G They were married by the Bible, no divorces by the law.
C A7 Steps are often taken with-out thinking twice D And often there's a child or two who's left to pay the G price. C Those little hearts so innocent they don't know who's to A7 blame, D G No Mom and Dad to love them, what a shame, oh what a shame! Repeat CHORUS

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