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A Faded Rose A Broken Heart

I'm waiting by the garden wall 

      G7                       C 
Where roses bloom neath summer skies 

You pressed one rose bud to you lips 

    G7                     C 
The night we said our last good-bye 

    F                        C 
The rose you kissed is faded now dear 

And love is gone since we're apart 

You went your way and left me behind 

  G7                  C 
A faded rose a broken heart 

I never knew that love so sweet 

G7                           C 
Could prove so bitter in the end 

I've tried to smile but all in vain 

    G7                   C 
For love is dead I can't pretend 

    F                             C 
Someday your heart will break and then dear 

You'll want me back and tears will start 

When you recall the one you left 

  G7                  C 
A faded rose a broken heart 

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