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Well I win some races 
That don't mean I'm fastest 
G                       F#m 
And it don't mean I'm better 
Than anyone 

And I ride some horses 
With great speed over courses 
It's just cause you waitin 
For me at the line 

G A Cause for you I could win D C For you I could trust myself G A And for you I could throw with abandon D A Old glories all feign to the wind G A F#m G Cause I never left you D And you never let me go A Oh
D Bm And if I can have the glory G A I'd give it up gladly Oh how we sucked in the limelight And left best friends behind Will you come walk beside me To the end of this story And I'll let you go gently Among your own kind, oh Chorus For you I will win For you I will trust myself For you I should throw with abandon Old glories are everything to the wind Cause I never left you And you never let me go And I never left you And you never let me go

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