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When They Fight, They Fight Acordes




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When They Fight, They Fight

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E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--5--5--2--------2--5--5--2--0--0--2--5--5--2------2--5--5--2--0--0------0-2--| E|-----------0--0-------------------------------0--0---------------------0------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--5--5--2-0-2--------0-2--5--5--2-0-2--0--0---0-2--5-5-2-0-2------0-2-5-5----| E|--------------0--0-0------------------------0----------------0-0-0-----------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---2-0-2-0--0---0-2-5-5-2-0-2---(and so on...)-----------------------------| E|--------------0------------------------------------------------------------|
D Em When they fight, they fight G A And when they come home at night they say, D Em G A "i love you, baby." D Em Was it too much too soon, G A Or too little too late? D Em G A He got the message she left on his car, in the rain. (Bridge) (Drop-C!!)
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E|-----------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------| A|---0-2----2---------------------------0-0------------| C|-7-----7----7--6--2-4--0-0--0-0--7-7-----------------|
G F#m And then the words they come to you, Bm Bm driving away. G A You just can't let it go. D Em And when they fight, they fight, G A And when they come home at night they say, D Em G A "i love you, baby." G F#m And when it all comes crashing down, Bm what can you do, G A to find what you're looking for? G F#m And then the words will come to you, Bm driving through the rain. G F#m But there will be no one there to say them to A Anyway D Em And when they fight, they fight, G A And when they come home at night they say, D Em G A "i love you, baby." D Em And when they fight, they fight, G A And when they come home at night they say, D Em G A "i love you, baby."

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