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Nothin' But an Angel Acordes

Gene Clark

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Nothin' But an Angel

	  B                  G#m  
Take it from a fool,  
                      B                  G#m 
You're nothin' but an angel, listen to a fool  
                 B                                   G#m 
How could you be earth bound when you have no golden rules? 

A             E         B 
I've seen you do such incredible things 
A           E             B 
You took me over when you spread your wings 
A          E               B 
You're the answer to these foolish dreams 
C#m            A                 F# 
Take it from a fool in love with you 

Heaven must have sent you, do angels ever stray? 
How could you be here with me so many light years away? 

When you touch me, you make me fly 
I am here ... why oh why 
You're the answer to my prayer 
Be with you here ... be with you there 

G#m 									 E 
Well here I'm walkin' on the ground my heart and soul are chained down 
G#m                            E                       F# 
And you come and touch my soul and at once you make me whole 

If nothing is forever then nothing is profound 
How can you believe in me when I am here earth bound? 

You have such an incredible face 
You fell from heaven ... but not from grace 
I knew you came from a special space 
Take it from this fool ... in love with you 

Angel ... take it from a fool 
You're an angel ... listen to a fool 
You gave me my heart 
You're nothin' but an angel 

by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 


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